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Cache of red stones

Fate brings together 3 heroes of this story, completely different people. This is a retired military man who calls himself Colonel, swindler Malgay and smuggler Sayan. The secret services of the Manchurian Emirates and a gang of Amirkhan Basmachi are also hunting for the cache. All of them must engage in mortal combat for the possession of this cache.

Once upon a time in the Wild East

The brave girl Sayana is looking for a mysterious person in the Wild Lands of Ara-Khalkh. This man has many different names: some know him by the nickname Malgai (hat in Mongolian), some call him Ugedechi the rain-charmer. The Indians call him Voposhtan.


The scene takes place on a vast territory between Mongolia and Kazakhstan during the "post-apocalypse". The old civilization is destroyed, the remains of cities are scattered on the feral lands, cultures and languages have mixed.

FPS logic

A parody series from the studio "Viva La Dirt League" in the setting of the Second World War, ridiculing the most striking clichés in shooters.

Red thread

Life is full of oddities, unusual coincidences and twists and turns of fate. And the life of a stalker in the Zone even more so. This is how an ordinary stalker named Felix takes on a seemingly simple case - the discovery and delivery of an artifact. The stalker's plans for easy money turn into big trouble for him. It turns out that a reward has been assigned for his head.