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Trump card

A film based on the cult game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." A young man, on the recommendation of a casual acquaintance, receives a task from the merchant Hog and goes to the Zone. The newly minted stalker is ready to go through all the difficult tests - just in order to save a loved one. But will the Zone release him?


When city streets are drowning in anarchy and corruption, and defenseless 27-year-old schoolgirls are terrorized by maniacs-perverts in masks of CIS presidents - then ROBOMENT rushes to the rescue. Only HE can resist corrupt cops and common sense! Meet the new blockbuster UPV ART GROUP

A book about love for a nobleman

A screen version of Oleg Cherkalin's poem about a simple journalist and a rich descendant of a count's family. He hired her to write his autobiography, and then seduced her. What will happen next? Is it just casual sex or something more that can grow into true love? Will they tell their halves about what happened? Will she agree to become his mistress, or is this role not for her?

Picture without white spots

A screen version of Oleg Cherkalin's poem about a light romance between an artist and a model, which grows into something more. They do not believe in love so much that they simply do not recognize it and pass by. Will they want to take back what they have lost, or will routine consume them again?

Types and mirages - 2. Dress of discord

Remember the dress of strife? Which someone saw blue and black, and someone white and gold? An entire amateur film is dedicated to this dress, stuffed with references to all sorts of memes: from nichosi to waiting. The film is based on the verses of Oleg Cherkalin.