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Types and mirages

Six type stories based on popular memes from the 2010s, based on what are now called "hype themes." Philological maiden, stoned fox, typical girlfriend, annoying model, cool photographer and many other memes in human form! The film is based on the verses of Oleg Cherkalin.

Rubber bodyguards

Professor Krasnoznamen invents rubber bodyguards - combat robots in a silicone sheath designed to protect ordinary citizens. To obtain funding for the project, the professor invites a commission from the capital. But then the robots disappear due to the fault of the loving laboratory assistant Marat, who left the laboratory unattended ... The film was shot on the verses of Oleg Cherkalin.


21 January 2021, Posted in News


In this issue: 3D animation in 2D with Cartoon Animator 4.4, After Effects 17.6, Ornatrix for Unreal Engine, Control Rig Mannequin update to Unreal Engine 4.26 Sketchfab updated plugins for Unity, Cinema 4D and Blender, Free Modeling Course in Maya, 3D Animation in 2D with Cartoon Animator 4.4, Hand Gesture Puppeteering v2.0 for iClone 7.83 RenderMan 24 is delayed for a couple of months. And much more...


R’Ha, directed by Kaleb Lechowski, is a fight for survival in a solar system where no one can be trusted. A civil war started by subversives they could have never seen coming. A group of fighters, relentless in their quest to protect their planets will do everything in their power to emerge the victorious underdog against an enemy that appears to always be two steps ahead.


A young hare Ferdinand is playing the harmonica before the battle. Soon the signal for attack will be given, and Ferdinand will face the terrible enemy on the battlefield.