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Swiss Police and Star Wars - Christmasspot

On the eve of Christmas, two Swiss patrolmen are doing their day job. It would seem, what could go wrong?

Bucketheads: A STAR WARS Story

BUCKETHEADS is a Star Wars Fan Film from the Stormtroopers' perspective. Shot in September 2017 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, it was a wonderful journey, with over 76 people directly involved in this effort to tell a Star Wars Story from the Imperial point of view.

DARTH MAUL: Apprentice

On an unknown planet, Darth Maul trains his own abilities and studies his opponents to complete his Sith training under Darth Sidious. During his training, a drone stationed in orbit around the planet reports an approaching spaceship. To remain hidden and complete his training in secret, Maul sets out to kill the intruders before they discover his hiding place and report it.


RUIN - An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe. It's only a tiny sliver of a much larger story. An Original Project we're developing. it's a big fun sci-fi adventure with a very cool story.

The German

November 1940, during the greatest conflict man has ever known, an epic duel unfolds between two ace pilots, each willing to take the match to it's ultimate conclusion. Unknown to the pilots is a fate neither has considered.