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Red thread

Life is full of oddities, unusual coincidences and twists and turns of fate. And the life of a stalker in the Zone even more so. This is how an ordinary stalker named Felix takes on a seemingly simple case - the discovery and delivery of an artifact. The stalker's plans for easy money turn into big trouble for him. It turns out that a reward has been assigned for his head.

Trump card

A film based on the cult game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." A young man, on the recommendation of a casual acquaintance, receives a task from the merchant Hog and goes to the Zone. The newly minted stalker is ready to go through all the difficult tests - just in order to save a loved one. But will the Zone release him?

STALKER: Photographer

A certain Photographer arrives in the zone, he is an agent of the peacekeeping forces. Its purpose is a bunker, this is a meeting place, there was a center of research activities, and now it must serve as a starting point for a secret mission. In sixteen hours, hordes of mutant-hybrids of an alien and a human will break free - the most dangerous creatures of enormous strength and speed.