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Trump card

A film based on the cult game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." A young man, on the recommendation of a casual acquaintance, receives a task from the merchant Hog and goes to the Zone. The newly minted stalker is ready to go through all the difficult tests - just in order to save a loved one. But will the Zone release him?

Rubber bodyguards

Professor Krasnoznamen invents rubber bodyguards - combat robots in a silicone sheath designed to protect ordinary citizens. To obtain funding for the project, the professor invites a commission from the capital. But then the robots disappear due to the fault of the loving laboratory assistant Marat, who left the laboratory unattended ... The film was shot on the verses of Oleg Cherkalin.


R’Ha, directed by Kaleb Lechowski, is a fight for survival in a solar system where no one can be trusted. A civil war started by subversives they could have never seen coming. A group of fighters, relentless in their quest to protect their planets will do everything in their power to emerge the victorious underdog against an enemy that appears to always be two steps ahead.


A young hare Ferdinand is playing the harmonica before the battle. Soon the signal for attack will be given, and Ferdinand will face the terrible enemy on the battlefield.

Swiss Police and Star Wars - Christmasspot

On the eve of Christmas, two Swiss patrolmen are doing their day job. It would seem, what could go wrong?