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Swiss Police and Star Wars - Christmasspot

On the eve of Christmas, two Swiss patrolmen are doing their day job. It would seem, what could go wrong?

DARTH MAUL: Apprentice

On an unknown planet, Darth Maul trains his own abilities and studies his opponents to complete his Sith training under Darth Sidious. During his training, a drone stationed in orbit around the planet reports an approaching spaceship. To remain hidden and complete his training in secret, Maul sets out to kill the intruders before they discover his hiding place and report it.

State Zero

In the near future, the capital of Sweden has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The story follows four soldiers on a mission in Site-3 to survey an old observation post with which communication has been lost.

Paths of Hate

A short tale about the demons that slumber deep in the human soul and have the power to push people into the abyss of blind hate, fury and rage.

Odyssey: A Star Wars Story

A team of rebel soldiers on an offensive operation against an empire facility; must make a decision that could mean life or death. The ensuing drama means a dramatic end for this short fan-film.