Red thread

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Red thread

  • Country: Russian Federation
  • Мировая премьера: 26.04.2017
  • Director: Daniil Evdokimenko, Kirill Solodukhin
  • Бюджет: n/a
  • Genre: Action movie, Post apocalyptic
  • Фэндом: STALKER

Life is full of oddities, unusual coincidences and twists and turns of fate. And the life of a stalker in the Zone even more so. This is how an ordinary stalker named Felix takes on a seemingly simple case - the discovery and delivery of an artifact. The stalker's plans for easy money turn into big trouble for him. It turns out that a reward has been assigned for his head.

Cast: Yaroslav Kondratyev, Alexander Anisimov, Dmitry Borisevich, Kirill Solodukhin, Roman Gavrilov, Artem Dubashov, Dmitry Ivakhov, Mansur Minulin, Alexander Evdokimenko