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21 January 2021


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In this issue: 3D animation in 2D with Cartoon Animator 4.4, After Effects 17.6, Ornatrix for Unreal Engine, Control Rig Mannequin update to Unreal Engine 4.26 Sketchfab updated plugins for Unity, Cinema 4D and Blender, Free Modeling Course in Maya, 3D Animation in 2D with Cartoon Animator 4.4, Hand Gesture Puppeteering v2.0 for iClone 7.83 RenderMan 24 is delayed for a couple of months. And much more...

Adobe announced the update to version 17.6 of After Effects. The changes are small. Content-Aware Fill has implemented a new feature for automatic lighting correction, which should lead to a decrease in the number of artifacts in images where lighting changes significantly. This will help you to neatly remove objects from your footage where abrupt changes in lighting occur throughout the footage, and therefore get more realistic results. Other improvements include a new color space and gamma settings for footage captured with RED and Komodo cameras. Well, as always, we fixed the mistakes. All old projects retain their previous settings and are not affected by this change. Sketchfab has released plugin updates for Unity, Cinema 4D and Blender. Plugins make it easy to search and import models into 3D software, as well as publish work directly to Sketchfab. All updates have added the ability to import purchases in the store. Dark mode and search filter implemented for Unity. Bug fixes for Cinema 4D and support for R23. And Blender eliminated The guys from have launched a free modeling course in Maya. An intensive course for those who do not know where to start studying modeling and want to learn more about the profession of a 3D specialist. The course lasts two weeks with alternating lectures and practices. They will present the basics of modeling, ranging from basic - by tools to creating your own High poly or low poly models for a game dev or a cartoon. Reallusion has updated its 2D animation software - Cartoon Animator 4.4. together with which they released 3D Motion Converter and Motion Link plug-in for communication with iClone. New motion transfer technology allows you to import 3D animation and project motion onto 2D characters, down to the hands and toes. 3D provides z-axis animation that is nearly impossible for most 2D to keyframe. At the same time, the ActorCore platform was released, containing a collection of 3D animations. With this update, you can animate 2D using your own mockup, or throw in a ready-made set of movements from the library. Editing is done in real time. Link to the program in the description. Reallusion has also released a free update for the Hand Gesture Puppeteering v2.0 plugin! Now, instead of manually moving all of your finger joints, you can use intuitive tools to animate hand gestures or fine-tune motion capture data. Update 2.0 provided 3 presets - Default, Male and Female to be applied to characters depending on different scenarios. And also this version allows you to choose animation for a specific hand (left / right) or both. The plugin is compatible with iClone version 7.83. link in the description. The following news is not confirmed, it is possible a stuffing, or maybe not. According to some reports, Pixar said that the release of RenderMan 24 is delayed by a couple of months. The reasons for the transfer were not explained. However, the developers noted that some of Pixar's key partners had already reviewed the preliminary beta version back in December. Ornatrix for Unreal Engine is in active beta testing. Recently there was an update to version 004, in which bugs were fixed. More information can be found in the official Facebook group. By the way, there are not many participants there, just under 50. And in Ornatrix for C4D, starting from the next version, a new ability to bake modifiers will be added, i.e. caching external influences on the hair. Suitable for fixing complex styling or giving stability to hair animation. Epic Games has partnered with PurePolygons to provide a free "Downtown West" asset on the Unreal Marketplace. Using this pack, you can create modular cities, as well as detail cozy tourist streets with shops, signs and kiosks. The collection contains over 300 models and over 800 materials and textures. PurePolygons also offers to expand its metropolis by combining "Downtown West" with the already available free assets "Modular Building Set" and "Procedural Nature Pack". With the release of Unreal Engine 4.26, we have released an update to the Control Rig Mannequin system, integrating some of the latest features. These enhancements include a new animation scene swatch, finger controls, and a Backwards Solve graph that lets you transform your animation frame by frame. In addition to this, a new female mannequin was presented. Theia Interactive has received an Epic MegaGrant.

The assistance is aimed at developing the development of a new collaboration tool in VR called BigRoom. According to the description, the program will simplify the creation and sharing of online meeting rooms where users can interact, view, and explore and edit projects created in Unreal. On the official website, you can subscribe to the closed beta testing. A new build of Axiom from Matt Puchala has been released. The developer has contributed to films such as Star Wars, Aladdin, Jurassic Park, Transformers, and Star Trek. Axiom only supports SideFX's Houdini. The program is designed for complex simulations of fire and smoke. and is an alternative to Sparse Pyro solver in Houdini. Can use geometry primitives or VDB volumes as geometry sources. and also includes GPU acceleration. The program is freely available, the link is in the description. NVIDIA announced laptops with GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs, introduced the RTX 3060 card, as well as new games that support NVIDIA Reflex and RTX, as well as new G-SYNC monitors, mice and more. So, in order. More than 70 new laptops will be equipped with GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards. The laptops will have new 3rd generation Tensor Cores that power NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex, which are necessary to generate sharper images in games and reduce system latency, respectively. Which is also useful for rendering in RealTime engines. Deliveries of laptops on 3080 and 3070 cards will begin on January 26, and with the RTX 3060 - on February 2. But the GeForce RTX 3060 card itself will be released only at the end of February. Its cost will start at $ 329. NVIDIA is offering the RTX 3060 as a replacement for the GeForce GTX 1060, which no longer supports ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex in new games. At the same time, NVIDIA announced that the number of games launched with RTX has increased to 36. The list includes games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, Outriders, Cyberpunk, Five Nights At Freddy's, Minecraft and Fortnite. In the latter, by the way, laptops of the GeForce RTX 30 series were hidden as a bonus task throughout the map. After collecting all the bonuses, you can get into the secret room and take part in the drawing of these same RTX 30 laptops. Forbes has compiled a list of the best artificial intelligence startups. The list is pretty small. In total, 7 categories were identified. "Best Product" was Google Smart Compose in Gmail and Google Docs. The technology is designed to predict and automatically suggest the text that the user plans to enter. The "most revolutionary" company was Nvidia. According to the author of the article, in 2020 Nvidia made a series of breakthroughs that significantly reduced the amount of data required in "generative adversarial networks." The technology is used in Maxine, a video conferencing platform that the company says can cut call bandwidth tenfold by pinpointing key facial features to create AI-generated images of people. Alpha Fold 2 was named Most Intriguing Newcomer. The technology was unveiled at Google DeepMind in November and uses a computational model to calculate the configuration of a protein molecule. Zoom for video conferencing became "Outstanding Program". Forbes AI Person of the Year: GPT-3. it is actually a language model that published an article in the Guardian news outlet in September, and then caused a wave of noise and controversy. GPT-3 was trained on massive volumes of text to be able to write like a human. According to Forbes, this represents a giant leap forward in language processing.