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Cache of red stones

Fate brings together 3 heroes of this story, completely different people. This is a retired military man who calls himself Colonel, swindler Malgay and smuggler Sayan. The secret services of the Manchurian Emirates and a gang of Amirkhan Basmachi are also hunting for the cache. All of them must engage in mortal combat for the possession of this cache.

Post-apocalypse. South-east of Siberia. Times reminiscent of the development of the American wild west of the 19th century, where many issues are resolved with the help of weapons. The film consists of 2 stories. The 1st story takes place on the territory of Gurania, where there is a legend about a mysterious cave. The cave is safely hidden in the Red Stones, where there is everything you need to survive in a changed world. Perhaps this is a classified military warehouse, left over from the past.