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  • Country: Russian Federation
  • Мировая премьера: 28.12.2012
  • Director: Valeriy Bulatov
  • Бюджет: 150.000 rub.
  • Genre: Western, Post apocalyptic, Mystic

The scene takes place on a vast territory between Mongolia and Kazakhstan during the "post-apocalypse". The old civilization is destroyed, the remains of cities are scattered on the feral lands, cultures and languages have mixed.

The main character, a tramp, walks along the Great Steppe from one settlement to another. His trade is doubtful, there is a small supply of medicines, cigarettes and other remnants of his former life in his bag, which can be exchanged for something valuable. The vagabond finds a dying shaman in the steppe, who gives him shamanic amulets and names him "Ugedechi the rain-caster" at this moment the vagabond's life changes.
This is a philosophical parable dressed in western clothes filmed in Siberia.